Football Within the Sports Industry

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Football Within the Sports Industry Introduction The sports industry has grown so much in the last decade that sports and leisure activities are a part of everyday life. The sports industry manages how much money is brought in and out of every sports business and organisation. There are hundreds of different areas of work within this industry including, media coverage, participation, spectation and merchandising. Within all of these areas there are 3 sectors which each organisation falls into, they are. · Public – this area is run and owned by local authorities or council. · Private – you need to pay a joining fee and a membership is needed. · Voluntary – sports clubs and participation. In this essay I am going to look at look at football and athletics & fitness within the sports industry. Unit 3 – Task 1 Football Football is the UK's biggest sport and is maintaining its popularity in spectation and participation. It has always been the nation’s favourite sport and has been growing since around 1992 when the premier league had just started. Since then the money that football has made has been indescribable. Participation The participation from football has the best feedback from the younger generation. As the nations biggest sport, children are encouraged to take part at an early age and get involved in competitive leagues. Here is a table showing the participation of football throughout 2 years: 1998 2000 % point change Base: Adults 2,060 1,984 1998 - 2000 Football Any Regularly Occasionally 17 10 7 17 11 7 ~ +1 ~ This table shows the statistics of a large group of adults that take part in football and how often they played in percentages. This table proves the growth of football as looking at the % point change you can
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