Football: The Importance Of Football Vs. Football?

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Walking through the halls of school,grocery stores or at work I can't help to notice all the football teams backpack’s,tee’s and hats but why is this? Is Football so exciting to watch or since football has been around for a long time does it gives a certain unity to have a team. As well as gambling and the fantasy football leagues that might have the people on there feet. Football gives the people excitement because it moves quickly and requires the hard-hitting contact of the defensive line plus the precision skills and speed of the quarterback and running backs. Football combines what people like about other sports like the hitting of boxing, precision passing of basketball also the camaraderie of baseball. Some people enjoy football because…show more content…
Most sports enthusiast are drawn into the popularity in football causing them to bet their money down the drain. The long lasting week of games provides many of chances to bet and opportunities to win. You can bet games at Bovada, signup get bonuses and win some extra cash on the weekends. Theres also betting on the spread of football which means the points won by or even what happens play by play. Giving the people this opportunity in football not only makes football more rewarding it also almost forces you to watch the sport so your not loosing your money. Fantasy football is another way people can feel apart of the game without being a player. Fantasy football is a online website that a average person can go in and design the perfect dream team and when easy cash with the points the player earns them. People can actually buy insurance on these players and hire lawyers for if there players get hurt. Believe it or not a asstonishing 39 % of males would rather watch the game than give up their beer for the whole year according to forbes. Money is a bigger factor when it comes to the bittersweet fantasy league if you play your cards right not only are you enjoying a day of football but you could also be making a lot of money for watching your team win which is why so many americans are drawn to
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