Football Innovation in America

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32 teams, 8 divisions, 2 conferences, and all for one game. Since the National Football League was established in the early 1900s, the organization has changed a lot. Football is a true American sport that has experienced much innovation compared to its first 14 teams. Many teams dropped out or altered during the NFL-AFL merger, while technology and safety keep advancing.
Although the 32 NFL teams today are very stable, the league started out with only 14 teams that struggled to stay in business. The Cardinals are the oldest NFL franchise in the league. There only two of the original 14 teams left. Chicago Bears and Chicago Cardinals are the two organizations that still play. The Chicago Cardinals moved to Arizona and the Bears stayed in Chicago. (“History: The AFL.”) The other 12 teams were the ones who couldn’t make it all the way. Most of the Current teams were already members of the NFL by the 1970 merger with an exception of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Seattle Seahawks, Carolina Panthers, Jacksonville Jaguars, Baltimore Ravens, and the newest edition to the NFL: The Houston Texans. There are many other teams that have not lasted long or dropped out before the current NFL that were part of either the National Football League or the American Football League.
All in all, the National Football organization has went through some very important modifications to make the game more entertaining, but the most significant adjustment was most likely the NFL-AFL Merger. This event happened on “June 8th, 1966” (Pelissero). This was mostly arranged by Ralph wison Jr., founder of the Bills. Many teams were created and the AFL and are now the current NFL teams, like “1960-1996 Houston Oilers, 1997-1998 Tennessee Oilers, 1999-present Tenness...

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... the league started with 14 teams and has evolved into a league of 32 teams. Fortunately for these teams, they do not have to compete with other leagues for fame after the NFL-AFL merger. While each individual player can feel a lot safer, every fan is insured to have a chance to watch their favorite teams show off.

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