Football In Australi The Development Of Australian Football

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According to AFL, the development of Australian Football began in 1857. At that time Tom Wills, one of the initiator of the sport, arrived back to Australia after studying in England where he happens to be the captain of football of Rugby School and also a good cricket sportsman (AFL, 2014). Originally, he recommended that football shall be a good sport during the cricketer’s off season. The new game was invented by Wills and his cousins. The first match was 1858. The game quickly blossomed and by 1866 the rules was upgraded and also in the same year the football competition are official. -Culture Australian Football game is the most well liked sport by Australian. According to Australian Bureau of Statistics, Approximately 2.8 million Australians from and above the age of 15 years old were present at an Australian Rules football match throughout 2009-10 (ABS, 2010). - growing memberships and crowds are crucial to their long-term financial sustainability. - "In the past, the NRL clubs were very good at generating revenue through their gaming and also through the big club operations but, very clearly from the conversations that are being had with us now, the key things they are focusing on are building membership and building the crowds coming to games. "That is a good thing and what they are going to need to do is continue to invest in research and insights and understanding of what their supporters want from the experience of being a member of the club." "There is no doubt that content is one of the key drivers of why our membership has grown and why people have retained that membership because they want that intimate access to the club and what is going on behind the scenes." - •They were forced to change direction due to... ... middle of paper ... ...ans as well as their parents. The benefit for the club, is that they may save more money for talent scout that can be allocated for other purposes. Moreover, the parents will do their best to support their kids in the club financially by paying tuition fee and merchandises, as well as mentally by coming to the stadium and watch the game. Overseas expansion - Many international football clubs hires international players such as Manchester United hiring Shinji Kagawa, AC Milan hiring Keisuke Honda, and Inter Milan with Yugo Nagatomo. One possible solution is to hire player from other countries such as Indonesia. This will boost up the club’s popularity overseas which will eventually boost up the sport’s popularity. In addition, the commercial value of the club shall also increase. (

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