Football Helmets Are Insufficient to Stop Concussions

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Football is game of speed, strength, and strategy. The best way to be a better player is working on becoming bigger and stronger while maintaining the speed, but when the players mass, strength, and speed all get better the forces the can produce a greater force with their hits. According to Timothy Gay, Physics professor at the University of Nebraska and author of The Physics of Football, a Defensive Back at the average one-hundred and ninety pounds that runs a 4.56 forty-yard dash can produce sixteen-hundred pounds of tackling force, which easily can break any bone of the human body. Due to the extreme forces the players are exposed to, it is necessary for each player to wear pads that help reduce and spread out the forces, and helmets to protect the skull and brain. The current equipment protects against career ending injuries, but concussions continue happening. Helmets have became larger and have much more padding then previous years, but why do concussions continue to be a problem?
A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that causes the short term loss of memory and coordination usually accompanied with headaches. The Colorado Medical Society states there are different grades of concussions according to their severity. Grade I consists of confusion with no loss of consciousness, And Grade II is no loss of consciousness with confusion and amnesia, while Grade III concussions are anything that causes a player to be unconscious. When the brain slams against the skull causing a concussion there is risk of a blood clot forming. The signs that point to a blood clot forming in the cranial cavity are headaches continuing to get worse, nausea, slurred speech, and the feeling of being weak. The concussion symptoms typically subside...

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...player takes out a defenseless player above the shoulders. The Targeting penalty results in automatic ejection from the game and a fifteen yard penalty. As for the high school, the National Federation of State High School Associations has not created any protective rules but has provided educational courses to inform about the risk of concussions. Along with the rule changes many teams require the players to take a baseline test the test how your brain thinks normally. If the player become concussed they have to meet or surpass that baseline the return to play.
With the concussion epidemic on the rise, there is a need to create better technology is at an all time high. And hopefully within a few years they answer to the this problem will come. The answer isn’t always adding more padding and thats what keeps happening, but there needs to be a different point of view.

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