Football Hardships Essay

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Football Hardships My senior year of football was one to forget. High school sports are supposed to be the best time of our lives. It is a time where you make friends and create a brotherhood with your teammates. Football in particular, the sport that supposedly builds character and family. Of course everyone goes through hardships and has struggles; but overall, it is about building you up and not tearing you down. It seems that my whole football career was full of upsets and hardships. I can barely count on two hands the good times I shared with my teammates. From arguing all the time, to losing every game, to being dismissed from the team and having a young coach who has never played football; my football career was something I would never want to relive. Every freshman who plays football forever dreams of the day they become seniors so they no longer have to deal with hazing or initiations or even picking equipment up after practice. I was one of those kids who was tired of being an underclassman but when…show more content…
The problems that you hear about high school football are not made up and they happen at almost every school. It is hard to get away from but at my school everything was three times harder. You would think we could catch a break but we never did. We were so bad that we even lost to a team who had a smaller roster than we did. If you ever played football you would know how hard it would be to go through the hard times that I did. But, it is not the end of the world. Everyone says high school is the best time of your life, which is true, but once it is over everything seems to get better because the high school drama is over. I was so glad to have ended my senior year because now that I am in college I do not have to worry about the hard times I went through. Always cherish the good times but never forget the bad times because if you do not learn from the hard times them history will repeat
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