Football, Basketball, And Baseball: The Evolution Of Baseball

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There are many sports played across the country such as football, basketball, and baseball. Many families spend countless hours participating and watching sports all for the love of the game. Today, sports consume most people’s everyday lives. People have become fascinated with one sport in particular (“Baseball History…”). Baseball, America’s favorite past time, was created over 150 years ago evolving as necessary, and has been home to a myriad of teams and players, some of whom have left indelible marks upon the game. To start, baseball is referred to as “America’s pastime.” The sport itself has come a long way from its crude and humble beginnings in the fields of the nineteenth century. Baseball was not invented by a single individual, but it evolved from various European “bat and ball games.” Russia had a version of baseball called Lapta, which dates back to the fourteenth century. It consisted of two teams with a pitcher and a batter. The ball would…show more content…
In June 1990, the Atlanta Braves chose Chipper Jones with the first pick in the Amateur Draft. That was a that he will never forget, and one which marked the accomplishment of a personal goal for Chipper. Bobby Cox was the general manager at the time. Chipper went through the minor leagues with some ups and downs, but arrived officially in Atlanta in 1995, as the starting third baseman. Although he had been drafted as a short- stop, the Braves organization moved Chipper to third while he was in the minors. It turned out to be the right move. Of course, Chipper’s arrival that year was topped off with a world championship later that season. Playing in the World Series is something he could not describe sufficiently. All Chipper can say is that it was the most crowning athletic achievement in his life. Until he saw his sons for the first time, Chipper thought it was the most important thing that had ever happened to him. Now, he thinks differently (“Chipper
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