Fools Rush In and My Big Fat Greek Wedding

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Fools Rush In and My Big Fat Greek Wedding Every movie that is written has a certain attitude to it. Some of these are intended to be laughed at and others are meant to be heartfelt. Though each movie is written with its own voice, so to speak, many have similar plots or themes. The two movies Fools Rush In and My Big Fat Greek Wedding are two of these movies that have similarities in the themes, but not necessarily in the plots. Both of these romantic comedies have strong religious backgrounds on the woman’s side of the family and differences in culture. The main theme between these two movies is the quest for happiness and all the troubles that must be overcome to achieve it. In the movie Fools Rush In Salma Hayek and Matthew Perry meet at a night club and have a one night stand. As a result of their fling Isabel (Salma Hayek) becomes pregnant. Isabel was raised in a very Catholic home and if you are pregnant it is disrespectful to God not to be married. Alex (Matthew Perry) decides that it is fate that has brought them together and so he decides they need to rush off and get married. Their families are not informed of their spur-of-the-moment decision and when they find out Isabel’s father becomes irate. Alex decides not to inform his family of the decision because in his family you marry into the same culture and the difference would be shocking to his parents. After realizing they have married for all the wrong reasons they decide to split up and go their separate ways. Isabel goes to live in Mexico and Alex goes to New York. After many signs they both decide they cannot live life without one another. In the end both of them are happy with their decisions and live a happy life with their family’s approv... ... middle of paper ... ...y Big Fat Greek Wedding Ian was given the ultimatum convert or leave. In the end he converts and realizes it is the best decision ever because it allowed Toula to give herself to him completely and with the approval of her family. These two movies deal with many similar themes, even though the plots differ some. The difference in religions and culture make the movies more realistic and home-based. The main theme of searching for a real love is what makes the movies so romantic, even though they are both classified as romantic comedies. Whether these two movies make one laugh of cry they are two very similar movies. If one of these movies seems to grab one’s attention, more than likely the other will too. So, if it is crying or laughing one can not go wrong with these two movies; they both give a little bit of laughter and they can both cause a few tears.

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