Food: the Succulence in Deceit

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In the American supermarket, we have access to an array of food products. These products, in most cases, appeal to our baser needs to eat items rich in flavor. For example, McDonald’s commercials prey on our weaknesses; depicting a slender man or woman of reasonable attractiveness eating their product, a succulent hamburger composed of what they claim to be fresh ingredients. Many people assume that these items, because they are sold in the supermarket, are generally healthy but this is far from the truth. In reality, the corporations producing the food we consume have a blatant disregard for the healthiness of the product nor the consumer. The major food corporations that produce these products pose a threat to our health, attested by the questionable production and marketing techniques that are practiced. The healthiness of the meat product is not ensured, for they are raised and maintained with questionable methods. The animals are raised in industrialized farms, where they are produced in massive quantities. To these corporations cost efficiency is pivotal, so the animals are kept in small corrals with thousands horded together. Now, one might ask, why should we care for the comfort of an animal? What is the correlation to our health? In all certainty, the comfort of the animal is of little importance to these corporations, as it is to most consumers. As for the correlation to our health, with so many animals together, the possibility of contamination by a dangerous pathogen increases drastically. If one animal was to get sick, the contamination would spread rapidly. These animals eat together, live together, and they defecate constantly. In the clip, it was obvious that the corrals are not cleaned. The cows were up to the... ... middle of paper ... ...l goes down to the will of the individual to resist the temptation of unhealthy foods, some people are weak-willed and see only the cost efficiency of the product. The corporations do, in fact, pose a threat to the livelihood and overall health of the consumer. Evidently, the corporations fear an informed consumer and attempt to discourage this by the usage of lawsuits, laws, bills and omission. They care little for the possible health hazards and side-effects resulting from their product, for their only concern is cost efficiency and prosperity. As consumers, I believe that we are entitled to this knowledge, we should be well-informed and aware of what it is we are consuming. It may be an arduous process, but we must fight for this knowledge and effect, more so demand a change in the current system system. Works Cited Food, Inc. We're Fatter but Not Smarter

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