Food Security in 2050

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Food Security in 2050
As our global population continually rises, so do food prices. This results in an increase of the number of malnourished and hungry people. These facts can bring about awareness of how fragile the global food system is to the public. Global awareness can be taken and adapted into effective action that could help the agriculture system better prepare to handle the long term rapid growth risk factors that challenge world agriculture. This, in turn, could help the world population with producing and having access to sufficient amount of food, not only for today, but he future. However, food security does not only affect the health and welfare of people, it can also affect the political and economic stability.
As previously mentioned, the global population will continue to rapidly grow. This means more issues could develop with achieving food security by 2050. While the world demand for food, will no doubt increase, there are also crops that are being increasing used for industrial purposes like bio energy. When these new energy demands are paired with the already established food security concerns produces an even greater pressure on the already insufficient agriculture resources. These, however, are not our only difficulties. Additionally, agriculture must compete with urbanization for land and water and overall climate change. The rising temperatures that have been occurring prove to have a often devastating impact on food production, availability, and ultimately food security. There are also government policies, the effect on the environment, and the underinvestment in research that greatly affect food security. The system and its farmers must come up with a way to respond to these demands and difficulties...

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...d. They can be dulled by conservation: conservation of agriculture, land restoration, agroforestry for food, avoiding deforestation etc. These and many other strategies can be used to improve the conservation of agriculture. This in turn could possibly produce more resilience and adaptability of production and the pressures of climate changes.
In conclusion there are many challenges that we would have to face to provide food security for the future. Food security does not only effect under developed countries or those who are malnourished and hungry- it affects everyone globally. So, it will take a global effort to help provide food security in 2050. Whether that is through lessening the effects of climate change, investing in research and development, better management of resources, conservation of the environment, or education food security can be made possible.
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