Food Security Issues In Canada

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When looking at issues in Canadian politics, the topic of food security is a significant matter that needs to be addressed to determine if Canada is in need of a national food policy. What is meant by a national food policy is strategy that works towards the ensuring of a stable environment and economy in relation to Canada’s food system along with the improving of citizen’s health. Based on studies such as Resetting the Table and Rural Canada Matters, it can be said that Canada is both ready and in need of a national food policy. Looking at the main issues faced in regards to food security in Canada such as the health of Canadians and the environment, we are given insight into why we need a national food policy. Based on the issues relating…show more content…
Food insecurity is an issue specifically when it comes to those with a lower household income, there is a correlation between amount of household income one has and the likelihood of facing food insecurity. When an individual is in poverty with a low household income, they are at a greater risk of they are of dealing with food insecurity. This will then affect the amount of food intake the family will have which can result in people lacking the right nutrients because they do not have access to safe and affordable food. Based on this it can be assumed that poverty and food insecurity are directly correlated and both lead to poor health, studies have shown that individuals who are faced with food insecurity report both poorer mental and physical health. It is because of the impact that food insecurity has on many Canadian’s health that it also “...takes a significant toll on the healthcare system with costs considerably greater for food insecure households” (Food Insecurity). How Canada’s food system impacts the environment is another reason Canada is ready for a national food policy, this is due to the greenhouse gas emissions that are coming from the long distance transportation of our imported foods. It is because of the strain that is being placed on our environment that Canada needs a food…show more content…
This can then be related to one of the main issues about food insecurity in Canada, with the creation of a food strategy it could help with the effects of this issue. The issue here is the emissions of greenhouse gases that are a result of long distance travel of our exported and imported foods. This issue could potentially be resolved through the creation of a national food policy that works towards making sure more of our food here in Canada is locally grown and processed; this will cause a positive impact on both our environment and economy. Canada’s “...focus on exportation also means we are progressively importing more, including many things that we can grow, process and store in Canada. All this means further losses for our economies and for our communities” (Resetting the Table). By implementing a national policy on food, Canada’s economy would be greatly impacted because less local farmers and fishers will be put of business and more revenue will be going towards these Canadian business and locally grown
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