Food, Inc. And The Food Industry

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When it comes to foods, not many consumer really know where their food come from or what the food processes are like. The generally public were told or assumed that the meat come from a farm or how the corn and wheat grow in a big open fields. This is true back in the day but slowly our society required more foods rapidly and because of that animals and crops have to be modify in some way to help meet the demand of foods in the market. In the film Food, Inc. it argues that what we have been eating is not a simple process of raising the animals, kill and cut them, then pack it up in a container and sell them to the public but rather a lots of smaller issues are involved in the process. Food, Inc. major claim for their film is that the food industry we have today is inhumane, and it lead to involving other issues such as science, political and social. The film supported their claim both visually and verbally by going out to places in the industries to asked questions and filmed everything on camera to show the truth behind it. The verbal claim they provided are talking to the peoples whose are professional in the agriculture field, but also to farmers and all the people who have been affected by the big food change companies. Alongside with their verbal claim, Food, Inc. also showed many visual claim by filming all the interviews with the peoples but also inside a farms or factories to show how they raise and slaughtered the animals. The film focuses on three smaller sub claims that being affected by the industries, the first one is scientifically. Their claim is that as consumer consume more foods, the scientist need to find a way to meet the demand by working on modifying foods. The most common food modification is to combine a... ... middle of paper ... of chemicals but soon being sued by Monsanto Company. Or show scenes of illegal immigrants being captured using force to get into their house. The film’s objectives are to inform the general public the truth behind our foods. That we should know where our foods come from and not to supported the big companies by buying foods from the local farm market. Asking us to make the right choice before buying foods in the market, and be healthy. Food, Inc. effectively open my eyes on how our foods came to be and seeing the way they edit and including right style of arguments tools into the film help their arguments, but also make the audience feels many strong emotions while watching their film. Many of smaller issues were being raised in the film, and it is very important because it show how our food industries being regulated and how heavily the industries rely on it.

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