Food Hypothesis

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Hypothesis: I do need to increase my daily fruit intake.
Evidence: My food record shows that I have only eaten just one container of blueberries and one container of blackberries.
Goal: In order to increase my fruit intake I need to budget my money well and buy more variety of fruits to eat throughout the day. I could pack an apple going to the college as a healthy snack instead of buying chips. I can also eat some fruit at the end of my meals to substitute for super sweet desserts. Instead of asking my mother for unhealthy Asian snacks, I could ask her to bring in some Asian fruits to eat instead. When there isn’t enough time to eat my fruits, I could chop them up into a blender and make a fruit smoothie so I’ll still have my daily intake
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Evidence: The vegetable intake is also low since there isn’t enough vegetable serving for the day. I have eaten some of the vegetables that I mentioned in the food hypothesis record. I noticed that I was under the daily vegetable intake according to my food groups and calorie report.
Goal: To increase my vegetable intake, I should put more veggies on my plate instead of limiting them. I would eat more vegetables in small salads as a small snack instead of munching on something unhealthy. What I need to do more is incorporate more crisp and crunchy vegetables on my plate since I find those to be more satisfying to eat and replace crunchy unhealthy foods. Since Khmer foods depend on eating leafy green vegetables, I shouldn’t shy away from eating vegetables that are foreign, especially vegetables that are common in Western foods.

Hypothesis: I need to increase all my grains and whole grain intake.
Evidence: Based on my food record chart, I’ve only consumed white jasmine
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Those types of milks don’t upset my stomach as much as regular milk products. When I do eat regular milk products, I can consume them in small amounts that doesn’t bother me much. I could also do more research on other types of foods that contain calcium to help my calcium intake instead of relying on dairy products.

Hypothesis: I do not need to increase more protein intake.
Evidence: I do consume protein such as turkey bacon and baked chicken in my food record. In the Cambodian spicy tirk kreung, it is made with some mudfish and catfish and eggplants.
Goals: I would just keep my protein in moderate amounts. I’ll try not to consume more than what is recommended. I also eat more lean meats like chicken and turkey for my protein as well as seafood. Seafood is a part of Asian diets, and I would try to eat more seafood that is more suitable for the daily protein intake. Instead of eating so much meats, I’ll try to get my protein by eating more beans, legumes, and nuts. For the most part, protein isn’t a problem to reach in my diet intake.

Hypothesis: I do consume less than 10% of calories from added
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