Food Fight

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The only reason majority of schools haven’t switched to a healthier lunch food supplier is because there are cheaper alternatives. Schools should switch their lunch providers to a healthier alternative. Should cost really determine how healthy students are? Many students skip lunch merely because of its low quality taste, and some students even protested a lunch providing company called Sodexo, which provides lunch for prisons as well as most schools. Schools that have switched are seeing an increase in students’ moods, productivity, and most importantly- grades.
Schools Base Quality On Price
Low quality and less healthful food suppliers are cheaper- and schools like to save their money. One of the companies that supplies food to cafeterias also serves food to prisons. (“Super”) Prison food is stereotypically bland and is only really meant to sustain life. Is that the kind of quality we want? Obviously, better food will cost more. Price is always higher with quality. However, what is the real cost: money, or students’ health? Quality is simply more important when it comes to school..
Another problem with money is paying the lunch ladies. Paying them will be worth it, as they will actually have to cook and take care of the food. Why pay someone to heat something up? The way things are now, there is hardly even a point in having lunch ladies there. Their only purpose currently is to make sure that the students behave, but surely you could just have other staff members take that job.
In the long run, a good school will attract more people, so they may actually make money off of it. Schools don’t think this way, unfortunately. Most people are more focused on the money they have and are making, rather than the money they can have a...

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...ot a prison, its a place for learning and teaching. A proper diet affects learning more than people think.
Schools should switch to healthier lunch providers. It’s worth the price, even if it may be much more money than the less healthy alternatives. Students don’t eat the garbage they are fed now, and the companies that provide them their food are dishonest and in no way concerned about the students’ health. (“Students”) Healthier lunches have been proven to make students happier, smarter, and nicer. Healthier lunches are an important choice.

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