Food Environment Essay

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The environment and how it is set up is a major impact toward the people of New York. The environment is influenced by people of a higher social status with superior position or owner of large corporation that are impacting the lower and middle class population. Some topic that are affecting New Yorker today are gentrification, displacement and neighborhood disparity in access to healthy food. I will mostly focus on New Yorker disparity of the limited access of healthy food but on the great amount of fast and unhealthy food that is being provided, I will also mention a little about gentrification and displacement that New Yorkers are going through. Large corporation of fast food places target the lower…show more content…
It 's ethically wrong are environment, are surrounding are being manipulated by people of higher power that mostly do it for the money. Most people don’t realize how unhealthy foods, GMO and the high price are affecting are environment physically and in nature. GMO are been injected into are food at the same time it affecting are Environment nature, thing are being manipulated to grow faster and preserve for a long time and it not everyone that getting affected but the lower income communities that because of their life situation are force to buy poor nutrition food and the big corporation know that, if not they wouldn’t be targeting low income communities. People argue that GMO in are food are intoxicating us but scientists say it is safe and that they have done million of test to prove that it safe and good for agriculture. People agree that it is like their "Play good in the garden" like the article of the New York Times " Playing God in the Garden" he talks about an insecticide made by Monsanto to insect of and plants like
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