Food During Medieval Period

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Foods are the most common thing you can find in the world nowadays. Yet they are things that are loved the most in the word. If we look at our foods nowadays people would just be busy gobbling their foods up. They would never expect the history of the food that has been developed for many centuries. In comparison with modern time and the medieval time,you would be able the find a plethora of differences.

Medieval times have impacted a lot of our food cultures, such as table manners and the hygiene of our food. The Medieval period also had some different method of cooking style than our cooking style nowadays. The methods were baking, spit roasting, boiling, smoking, salting and frying. The method of cooking actually depended on the place where you have lived. Myriads of lower classes lived in a villages in a poor hut. The wealthy upper class nobles lived in a castle or a great house. The house of nobles had excellent kitchens serviced by many servants. The kitchen was located in the ground floor. They had water supply with sink and drainage, cooking ovens ,and huge fireplace for smoking and roasting food. The kitchens were built against the curtain wall of the castle , which was connected to rooms called the buttery. The buttery was used for storing and dispensing

beverages ,especially ale. The person who took charge over the buttery was called the butler. Next to buttery there was a another room called the bottlery , it was a place where you kept wines and other expensive provisions. It was usually located between the great hall and the kitchen. Obviously the cooking method was limited for the lower class because they had no materials to provide them unlike the rich nobles.

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...ood and nowadays seems to have a huge gap. However ; if we look at the history of it there are some of the most interesting and unique facts that we can learn from. The middle age people had classes that were restricted and food was one of the thing was restricted. Nowadays money is the only thing that’s’ holding us back whenever we feel like to eat something expensive or not.
Looking at the conditions of a middle age people , they have done a marvelous job developing our foods that we eat nowadays. It has surely impacted our diet and our foods that goes into our dinner table. Many hygienic issues during the middle ages were a problem but compared to modern time there’s nothing that they could have done better.

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