Food Consumption in America

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Food Consumption

Not all people eat the same food, but there are some connections between who people eat with and what types of food they eat. Throughout life, people live with different people or alone and they eat different food. Most people live with their family when they are young, then move out and live on their own, then sometimes get married and have their own family, and then live once again on their own or with their spouse.

While living at home, parents usually make food for their children. They make dinner for the family, and it is usually healthy. The children eat fairly healthy because even when they make food for themselves, the food in the house is probably fairly healthy. Not only do the children eat pretty healthy, the parent or parents do too. They make meals for the family and they mostly have all food groups included. They can prepare a lot of food and most of it will get eaten. For example, a parent can make a bag of frozen vegetables, and most of it will get eaten by the family. If a person living on their own wanted vegetables, the bag would have more servings than needed. When someoneís food is prepared for them, they will be very willing to eat it and they will not need to do any work themselves.

When children move away from home and go to school, the school cafeteria makes food for them. This food is made for many people and there is a large variety. Overall it is healthy and people eat it because it is good, but mostly because it is prepared for them.

When children move away from home and do not go to school but live on their own, they do not always eat very healthy. No one makes food for them, and they do not want to take a lot of time to prepare food for just themselves. Also, they do not want to make a large amount of food for just one person and have too much food left over. This is true for anyone who lives on their own. People who live alone only need to make enough for one person, and they always need to make it themselves unless they go out to eat.

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