Food Companies Should Not Be Banned

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Food, water and oxygen are the most essential things humans need in order to survive. Food and what society perceives to be food has changed drastically. “Real food” used to be home cooked meals and now fast food is being accepted as real food. Fast food and junk food are affecting the lives of millions and not in a good way. People are becoming addicted to these types of food and changes need to be made in order to protect the most influenceable and vulnerable, the children. Food companies should not be allowed to advertise their products to children because just like Tobacco companies, their products are harmful, can become addictive and ruin a child’s future. Advertizing is the perfect way to hook consumers into buying harmful products without having to take responsibility for the consumers’ well being. Food companies advertise to children by using cartoon characters, celebrities, toys etc. Children are not able to see the manipulation that is occuring when they see Barbie working at McDonalds. All the child sees is one of their favorite dolls doing something and they want to do it to. They do not realize that the marketers of the product want them to make that connection so that they can go and eat at that fast food place. Morgan in Super Size Me, describes it perfectly when he states these places “lure in children.” Fast food places “lure” in children with their toys that come in kids meals. Parties are now being held at McDonalds. Fast food places also have places where the children can play (Spurlock). Super Size Me is a documentary where a man decides to eat McDonalds for thirty days in order to test the hypothesis that fast food is bad for people. Of course a child is going to want to eat out and experience all of these... ... middle of paper ... ...ent.” (McCorkle) The fact that people think that unhealthy food is needed in such a way as air is insane. Without air people will die. Air and junk food are not on the same level when it comes to necessity. People believing they are similar shows just how large a problem it is and it needs to be fixed, starting with children. All of the problems that come from eating the wrong food start with the way food is advertized. Food companies can produce harmful products and as harmful products they should not be advertised directly towards children. Parents need to be given a chance to influence their children to eat healthy. Food that is shown to be addictive should not be advertised to children because that food can ruin the child’s life. If there is going to be a change in the country’s lifestyle when it comes to food and being healthy, it needs to start with the kids.

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