Food Coloring Experiment

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We’ve all been told once or twice in our lives to stop playing with our food; here’s our one free chance! When milk, which contains multiple different molecules like fats, sugars, proteins, minerals and vitamins, is combined with detergent, or any other form of liquid soap, tends to give you an especially dramatic reaction. In the experiment, you’ll need 2% or whole milk, food coloring of no specific color, dishwashing liquid, cotton swabs, and a plate. The food coloring is only to add color and to show actual reaction; otherwise it wouldn’t be visible to the naked eye. A simple step by step process will allow you to perform a swirling color wheel of milk every time. I got the idea of this experiment when searching through YouTube for cool chemical reactions. I came across a few other things that seemed pretty cool, but this one especially caught my eye. I had never seen anything quite like it before and I wanted to try it for myself first. When I tried and realized how simple, but cool, it was I decided to set it up to present for my project. It’s very intriguing and everyone will ...

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