Food And Its Influences In In Defense Of Food By Michael Pollan

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Food and its Influence on Us For many of those who have come across the book In Defense of Food Michael Pollan, the readers may already have been influenced in many ways that have changed their lives forever. In most cases there are quite a few people who read this book and have no influence at all, these are the ones who are just left hanging and even more confused as they were before even reading the book. The book is written for a wide variety of audiences that have to comment on everything Pollan includes in his book, because his words are so powerful it makes people think deeply about what’s really going on with our food and who is to blame for it. For example, he cites, scientists, politicians, chemists, farmers, nutritionists, journalists, …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how michael pollan's in defense of food is written for a wide variety of audiences that have to comment on everything he includes in his book.
  • Analyzes how pollan's book demonstrates how many people are not sure of what they decide to eat is healthy or unhealthy for them, which comes to the outburst of confusion with foods.
  • Analyzes how pollan's book shows that american food isn't for everyone or every culture — a study showed that ten middle-aged, over-weight, and diabetic aborigines had developed type 2 diabetes, signs of insulin resistance, heart disease risk factors and much more western diseases.
  • Explains that americans tend to feed into all of the snacks and portions of foods that are around them at a cheap price always, and for them it's hard to stay away from them.
  • Analyzes how pollan's words in in defense of food: an eater’s manifesto demonstrate his purpose in reaching the audience he intended.

Pollen cites Rozin’s study in which she presents a scenario to a group of Americans they don’t know which food will help them survive better (79.) By including this he is showing to us a real and very accurate study of how Americans confuse food today. Therefore, he wants us to see how hard it is for people to pick out the things that are really healthy for us, and not just processed foods or junk food. He pointed out how only two Americans in the group knew what would be healthy enough for them to survive and the others picked out all the wrong unhealthy foods. The relationship we have with food is unavoidable, and most of the time we don’t realize how it connects to all of the things around us. This is because of all the food chains we have that are constantly going on, and not to mention the fact that we need food to survive and be able to live. In Pollan’s book he writes “In nature that is of course precisely in systems we call food chains, or food webs, that reach all the way down to the soil.” (102). With this being stated by Pollan we can verify that the relationship we have with food goes far beyond survival, it’s much more than that and not just strictly for profit like it’s made to be seen in America. One thing that Pollan has made clear with sufficient …show more content…

The fact that this book contains a lot of things that we pay not be aware of can be very overwhelming to read for the first time, it can leave any reader partially sadden to know that they may not be eating the right type of foods their whole life, or maybe even blame their confusion of food choice on why they have a certain disease. All of Pollan’s words in this book successfully demonstrate his purpose in reaching out the audience he

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