Food Alteration Of Food

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In a constantly improving world the pace of change is much faster than one would expect. Altering food to keep up with the pace is a solution that some have come to know. Despite common belief, chemicals and unnatural food product in food and water should be irradiated from our nutrient sources due to its alteration of food and the loss of nutritional value it causes as well as the negative impacts on the body, including its impact on the environment as a whole. The relationship between a protein’s make up and it’s function is overly complex. Changing this relationship through the process of exposing the protein to heat at high temperatures over prolonged situations may put it at risk and may change the relationship. (Gerrard…show more content…
“Vitamin D toxicity is associated with hypercalcemia, nausea, vomiting, weakness, fatigue, hyporeflexia, dehydration, renal failure, and sometimes progresses to tissue calcification.9,10 Severe hypercalcemia can be life threatening (Genzen #4)” These are reversible symptoms that can be relieved by extremely reducing the amount of vitamin D being consumed as well as hydration and a process of flushing the body of the vitamin D. As quoted above high amounts of vitamin have the potential to be life threatening. These levels can be reached by eating too many foods fortified with vitamin D in combination with taking supplements. Other vitamins cause different symptoms, but each work in a similar pattern. There is a deficiency, when the body does not have adequate amounts of the vitamin. Normal levels, this keeps the body healthy and able to complete the tasks required of it. Lastly, there are toxicity levels that are often harmful. A balance is needed in order to maintain the body’s normal and necessary…show more content…
Some believe that higher doses of vitamins and minerals will prevent the consumer from getting the disease. As explained previously this claim is not true. Evidence does show that having the proper amounts of vitamins and nutrients will maintain the body’s health and can reduce risk of disease. While exploring causes of cardiovascular disease, the number one killer of Americans, researchers explored what type of vitamin may help to prevent the body from disease.There is little solid evidence to support that vitamin D does in fact reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. One peer reviewed article suggested that eating garlic had the most research and clear evidence in regards to being proven to lower cholesterol and overall lower chances of cardiovascular disease. Because vitamin supplements are relatively new there is not an abundance amount of studies to prove or disprove theories. (Knox

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