Food Advantages And Disadvantages Of Food

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Something that I noticed about my diet was that I consumed a large amount of sugar. This was shown through the two shamrock shakes that I ate in my food log. I also consumed fudge stripe cookies, chocolate mini muffins, and chocolate pudding, which contained a lot of sugar. Sugar has advantages and disadvantages. An advantage is that sugar it is a carbohydrate and carbs provide energy. Having more energy allows people to live life to the fullest potential. A disadvantage of sugar is that it causes a spike in blood sugar. Having too many drastic changes in blood sugar can causes death. Another negative effect of sugar is that it causes obesity. Consuming too much sugar can cause a person to gain weight, until they are no longer in a healthy weight range. Sugar can also harm the heart. It has been proven that excessive sugar consumption can cause heart disease and heart failure (Cathons, 2014).
Another pattern of eating I noticed on my food log was that I did not eat a lot of meat. The only meat I had was chicken for dinner one day out of the four days. There are advantages and disadvantages of eating meat. Meat contains protein, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that the body needs. Not eating it means missing out on vital nutrients; however, meat is not all that healthy for you either. Some disadvantages of meat are that it causes diabetes, bowel cancer, cardiovascular disease, alzheimer's disease, constipation, obesity, and lethargy. Some of these diseases can be deadly! It is also high in sodium and cholesterol. These things are very unhealthy for your body and can lead to obesity (Dowling, 2013).
Something else I realized from my food log was that I do eat that many vegetables. In fact, in th...

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...ned that eating healthy can also taste good. My meal was composed of only healthy foods, and it still tasted delicious. I also learned that it can be very detrimental to my health if I do not eat the nutrients my body needs.
I think finding out that healthy can taste good will cause me to eat healthier. Finding out that I need to eat certain foods, or it can be very dangerous to my healthy caused me to eat more fruits and vegetables. Before this process, I did not eat very many vegetables, but now I have learned that they are an essential part of the diet.
I think my family learned one of the same things I did: eating healthy can taste good. I feel this will make them change the way they eat for the better. I think they will start eating more vegetables and fresh foods, instead of processed foods. I would be happy if they made this change, and I hope they do.
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