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Advertising/ Marketing fit like a glove on the global ministry, Focus on the Family. Focus on the Family is a global ministry helping families build lasting relationship with God. A part of this is building families, teaching husband, wives, and children how to develop a relationship with God. Focus on the Family believes that all people are of the utmost importance. They believe that our foundation is God, and we can survive through the family. They believe God has ordained marriage and after marriage children. Donations are always accepted by Focus on the Family. You can donate in several ways: Employer Matching Gifts, Estate, Gifts, Gifts in Honor or Memory, Gifts of Stock, Deferred Gift, Product Donations and In-Kind Gifts. Focus on the Family helping resources are 1-800 Family Help Line, Counseling, radio broadcast, website, simulcasts, conferences, interactive forums, magazine and books. The Advertising/ Marketing is an exciting concept of product, place, price and promotion. Campaign to start a ministry was undertaken by a few family and friends, at the time we were unaware of…show more content…
It is customary on the society we live in, is considered a capitalistic society. Our society makes a profit off of our different goods and services. So in order to keep the society functioning properly, we can profit off my neighbor because when we profit, they profit. This will keep a cycle continuing blessing someone else in the ministry. A job or position can help my neighbor maintain status in his/her lifestyle, and this will help to advance the kingdom of God. With a firm method we will give to the ministry in returns the ministry will help others in need. This will become a cycle for the ministry, giving a helping hand, one to
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