Fly Me to the Moon

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Though many people do not see it, I like to describe space as a glorious world with no boundaries waiting to be discovered by humans. During the scientific revolution, people became aware of our solar system and were questioning whether if we are placed in the center of the universe or not. Many of the greatest scientists of this era such as Galileo, argued that the sun was in the middle of the universe and Earth revolves around the sun. It was during this era that people were fascinated by space for its vast layout of discoveries. Now, living in the 21st century has taught me how fortunate we are to witness the new inventions and discoveries created by NASA to explore outer space. Space agencies, such as NASA, has taught us how the Earth really looks and has led to new inventions that contribute to our lives. During these past few years of space discoveries, many people have argued against spending money on investing space explorations and have claimed it to be a waste of money. It's a shame that these people think space is just a waste of money when really, it's a contribution to our life and an essential realization of how we can expand our world. Space exploration should get priority funding because it will benefit education, jobs, and informs us of natural disasters.
Space exploration is known to create an intellectual understanding of our Earth and has become and influence to us in comprehending our solar system. Throughout history, many people have studied the view of our universe from Earth, but now we can rely on technology and discover other galaxies and planets. As space explorations become more advanced, it began to teach people about our universe and attract many people to work at NASA. From our nation's space explor...

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...munication are satellites a great benefit to us, they can help us at certain moments. Satellites are also a great use to us when it comes to weather forecasting and GPS tracking which helps us when we are lost or isolated to ask for help. Even though the space exploration might be expensive and should be spent on other issues, it still seems that it is worth investing in space exploration for its great inventions and knowledge it has provided to us ever since the Space Race. Many other countries have also become heavily influenced by NASA and have started their own agencies that share the same dreams as every other country. Overall, I think it's best for us to continue the space exploration as it has been a beauty of nature that welcomes us to another world. The universe is infinite and we are just a small speck waiting to explore the true nature of our outer world.
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