Fluoridating Water Essay

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Not Fluoridating Water

People around the world wake up each morning and brush their teeth with toothpaste, not knowing what's in it. Fluoride is being used in thing’s that shouldn't be, like water. Water is H2O that people around the drink constantly. Some drink more than others, like athlete’s, manual laborer’s, diabetic’s, and people with kidney disease which are exposed to more fluoride than other’s (12 Reasons). All the other water treatment chemicals are added to improve the water for safe drinking, but fluoride does not. How are we supposed to control how much fluoride goes into our bodies? It’s impossible to control the dose each person receives because each person drinks different amounts of water. Portland Oregon made a agreeable decision to reject the plan to fluoridate drinking water supplies because fluoride is a hazardous, cancer-causing chemical that should not be added to water supplies that serve an entire city.

People receive fluoride from many other sources besides water. Some food and beverages processed with fluoridated water are; dental products, tea, and coffee (Connett). No study has been shown to require fluoride, it’s not an essential nutrient. There are many studies however, that show that fluoride can interfere with important organs such as the kidney.

Fluoride added in our waters would also add other toxics that we may not know about. “The CDC admits that that 43% of fluoridation chemicals tested from contain arsenic, 2% contain lead and 3% contain copper” (12 Reasons). How is that supposed to help our bodies or decrease tooth decay? Scientist say, that the level of them are too low to do any damage to our bodies. The Environmental Protection Agency however, states that arsenic and lead have incre...

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...the of the world has rejected fluoride and said it was ineffective to the body. Over 94% of the world’s population drinks unfluoridated water (12 Reasons). In Europe, only five out of 48 countries fluoridate, and European health officials have cited medical, effectiveness, and ethical concerns with it (12 Reasons). The people in Portland, Oregon and other countries that don't fluoridate could do other things to prevent tooth decay. Fluoridation is not a way to reduce the high cavity rates in the cities that have fluoridated their waters for a long time. In the city of Portland, To help protect childrens teeth, they should increase the access to dental care. “The Portland Metro Area untreated cavity rates are 21% which is below the average 29% by having better access to dental care and prevention Portland, Oregon could have a lower cavity rates by 2020” (12 Reasons)