Flowers in Season by Andre Maurois

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Flowers in Season by Andre Maurois

"Life isn't like that…The seasons return every year each with its own flowers." As seen in this quote from "Flowers in Season" a short story by Andre Maurois, changing seasons and changes in one's life are the key ideas. The title alone gives some indication of the subject of this story; the different seasons produce different flowers, implying a changing of seasons in this story. In this story, the stages of a person's life are compared to the changing seasons, two people and their losses and the tragedy that has overcome their lives. Etienne and Gabrielle who were both tragically widowed at a young age, have been living in their pasts began to discover a hope for a new future within each other.

Etienne and Gabrielle are both utterly consumed by their pasts, and the past is their complete focus. "He would have replied that he would be coming every Thursday until the day of his death, which he hoped would not be too far distant." (Maurois p.301).

Etienne's grief and loss completely ruled his thoughts, and even his actions were influenced by a dead person. "Each time he brought different flowers, showing as much imagination to charm the dead woman as he had formerly to please the living."(Maurois p.302). In his heart she was very much alive and a part of his daily routine. Even when he began to share a cab back and forth from the cemetery with Gabrielle he was hesitant in thinking of their dead spouses feelings toward such an action. "That would be better….But they-do you think they would approve?" (Maurois p.309).

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