Flowers In Indian Weddings

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When you go to traditional or western world weddings, you will more than likely see a variety of beautiful flowers. From the bride’s bouquet to table centerpieces, flowers are graciously incorporated to wedding ceremonies and receptions. But what about indian weddings? Like most societies in the western word, east Indian weddings use flowers to flourish symbolism and creativity amidst marriage ceremonies. Generally, indian weddings offer beautiful botanical presentations, selecting certain blossom types and colors to represent spirituality and advance divinity endowments on the union.
The importance of indian wedding flowers
Flowers have a very special place in indian weddings. Not only do flowers enhance the overall indian wedding decor,
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These cheery flowers are believed to radiate positive energy, and their bright and vibrant colors certainly make a case. Both orange and yellow marigolds are the most used flowers in indian weddings from the ancient times. In addition, Vishnu and the better half of his, Goddess Lakshmi — otherwise known as the perfect couple — are venerated with marigolds An aesthetic must at indian weddings, strands of marigold is often placed at the entrance of a wedding venue as well as in the mandapp. Many incorporate marigold flowers because their bright colors are believed to represent the…show more content…
All kinds of colors can be incorporated into the venue, ceremony, and celebration. Pink roses are believed to denote happiness, red roses symbolize love, and white roses represent purity. Traditionally, red rose petals are showered on the newlyweds during and after the ceremony. Oftentimes, roses are combined with marigolds and jasmine flowers for a beautiful display. Many wedding planners like roses due to their sweet fragrance that lasts longer than most other flowers. It's hard to image an indian wedding without the beauty and fragrance of roses!
Once thought of as exotic and foreign, orchids are flowers that are gradually gaining significance in indian wedding ceremonies. These rare flowers bloom in a variety of bright and vibrant colors. Many use orchids as table arrangements, as they create stunning contrast. These flowers signify beauty, wisdom, and strength and they convey a sense of deep love and unending support between the bride and the groom.
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