Florence Nightingale : The Mother Of Modern Nursing

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Introduction Nursing is constantly changing, improving, and becoming more complex with each year that goes by. It is for this reason that there is an incredible distance between what nursing was then and what nursing is now. Nightingale lived from 1810-1910, with her improvements and contributions the Lady with the Lamp became a turning point of nursing at that time, which led to the many improvements which gained her another name as the Mother of Modern Nursing. If Florence Nightingale were to experience Nursing as it was today in 2017 she would be astonished by the changes in ethical, legal, professional, and knowledge of the old ways. The Old Times (1820-1910) During Florence Nightingales time of influence between 1820 to 1910 there weren’t as many ethical, legal, and professional standards as there are in the 21st century. For most of Nightingales career as a nurse, ethical standards were not of importance, however Nightingale guided the former immoral and disreputable profession of nursing into a much more strict and honorable profession. It wasn’t unheard of for a nurse at this time to steal from a client. According to Nursing World Historical Review in 1896 the American Nurses Association began with the purpose of organizing national professional associations for nurses, and later, after Nightingales time adopted the code of ethics for professional nurses in 1950. Legally, there wasn’t anything to restrict nurses as it had barely even been considered a respectable field and career. At the time nursing consisted of caring for someone by providing food, cleaning out the sheets, bathing, and caring for the sick and anyone with on the job training could become one. After the war, nurses were seen as heroes and became a much m... ... middle of paper ... ... precautions patient’s room. Nightingale would not understand the culture and environment, where females nowadays are more equal in standing with men and that there are many more men in the profession than in her times. She would have limited experience in treating patients with diverse cultures and ethnicities. She could be sued for perceived racism, and would not be able to communicate effectively with the patient due to her inability to understand different cultures causing ethical issues as well as professional issues. Conclusion In conclusion, there have been many significant changes from the time Florence Nightingale such as legal, ethical, and professional that would make it hard for her to continue the current standers of nursing with her current level of understanding. Nursing will continue to grow and expand in knowledge and demand for nurses will increase.

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