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Do you know ¨The Lady With The Lamp?¨ Florence Nightingale in the time when Victoria was Queen of England, she is a young lady who came from a rich family background. Miss Nightingale has refused many marriage proposal to pursue her dream. She continues to pursue her dream and learn about nursing while on a vacation. After a short while of coming back to England, being turn down, never getting support from the ones she wanted. Florence Nightingale takes her own actions and starts to change the way people thought of nursing. Florence Nightingale born May 12, 1820 in Florence, Italy, she was the oldest in the Nightingale family. She had a sister name Frances Parthenope Verney. Nightingale and her sister was educated in European, and classical …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates florence nightingale's story, 'the lady with the lamp'. she refused many marriage proposals to pursue her dream and learn about nursing while on vacation.
  • Describes florence nightingale as a determined woman, educated in european languages, history, philosophy, and mathematics.
  • Narrates how florence nightingale was able to convince 38 nurse friends to go to turkey to help with the crimean war. she was the first lady to be given a special award by the british government
  • Explains how florence nightingale and her nurses impacted health care and the way it is now.
  • Describes florence nightingale as a strong independent lady who followed her own path and decided to pursue her goal. she cared for others and never turned away from the ones in need.

She was able to take charge of her own path and follow it till the end. Along her way to her goal she was able to change Health Care. Back then hospitals and the tools that they use were not cleaned, and that cause patients to get infections. Florence Nightingale and her nurses impacted today's Health Care. Today, our hospital, clinic, and medical place are clean, tools get cleaned everyday, blankets, and pillows are washed. She spent her lifetime, helping people, training them, and improving hospital for the sakes of her patients. Nightingale did not just impact Health Care, she impacted the fact that nursing was a good thing. Before she became a nurse, nurse was always looked down on, but after she and her nurses helped during the war, more people came to know that nursing was a good thing. She was able to stand up for what she thinks is right and never backed down, and she was able to reach her goal. By reaching her goal she impacted many people and changed how we handle and treat our patient. She impacted more then she will ever know. Impacting thousands of people and the way Health Care today is now is a huge difference from back then. The impact she made on the world will continue to go on and it will be better in the …show more content…

Following her own path and decision lead her to her goal. Nothing is impossible, she was a determined young lady. She never gave up and kept going even after people made fun and never supported her. Florence Nightingale,¨ The Lady With The Lamp¨ a lady who came from a wealthy family but deciding to go her own path. The lady who cared for others and never turned away from the ones in need, the ¨Angel¨ her patient saw, Florence Nightingale ¨The Lady With The

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