Florence Nightingale

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Florence Nightingale was born on May 20, 1820 to the wealthy landowner, William E., and his wife Fanny Nightingale in Florence, Italy. (Pettinger) Being a part of the wealthy class during the mid-1800s, William and Fanny dedicated themselves to the pursuit of active social lives like many others. Florence and her sister, Parthenope, were home schooled by their father and learned multiple languages, mathematics, and history. Both Florence and her sister were affluent in Italian, Latin, and Greek. (Audain) Growing up, Florence was lured to the idea of social living and marriage; however, she quickly was drawn to another calling in life. The idea of achieving independence and placing herself in a career which helped the common good and society in the deepest became her dream. Nightingale was determined to become a nurse and work in hospitals. At the time, nursing was considered a non-respectable field of study and her parents strongly disapproved. Taking their concerns into consideration, Florence decided to overlook their opinion and pursue the requirements needed to become a nurse. She began researching and gathering information about the career for approximately eleven years, until she was granted permission from her parents to spend a few months at Kaiserwerth, a German training school for female nurses. (Biography) Here, emphases were in the areas of: hospital care, social work, and geriatric care. In the early 1850’s, Nightingale returned to London. Here she acquired a nursing job at the Middlesex Hospital for ailing governesses. Later in 1853, she became a superintendent of London Charity Supported Institution for ill, gentle women in distraught circumstances. (Biography) In October of that year, the Crimea war broke out a... ... middle of paper ... ...ugust 20 in the family plot. Services for her memorial were held at multiple places all over including: St. Paul’s Cathedral and Liverpool Cathedral. Nightingale’s new contributions to the medical field still stand today. Works Cited Audain, Cynthia. "Florence Nightingale." 5 April 2013. Biographies of Women Mathmatics. Web. 12 December 2013. Biography, UXL Encyclopedia of World. Nightingale, Florence. 11 December 2013. Cook, Edward T. "Online Reader." 16 July 2012. The Life of Florence Nightingale Vol. 1 of 2. Web. 11 December 2013. Pettinger, Tejvan. Biography of Florence Nightingale. 25 November 2010. Website . Vicinus, Martha and Bea Nergard. Ever Yours, Florence Nightingale. United States: Library of Congress Cataloging in Publications Data, 1989. Book. Wooham-Smith, Cecil. Florence Nightingale 1820-1910. New York: McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1951. Book.

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