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Florence Nightingale (1859) stated that hospitals should do sick no harm. Life is vital it is the government’s first priority. Upon reading the Francis Report (2013) and understanding the recommendations outlined to bring the highest quality of care back to health professionals. Francis said that “the fundamental objectives of the National Care Quality strategy is to promote quality health , care that is focused on the needs of patients, and families including communities”. At the sometime the strategy is to promote designed to move the system to work better for doctors and health care providers, reducing their burdens and help to improve care for patients and to put health care more patient centered for reliable accessible and safe. All the staff members should follow the guidance of the company which are codes of conduct and policies and charters which is often a reflection of government legislation and demonstrate how organisations should be put laws into practice.

Every workplace must have policies on equal opportunities and health and safety and what is important is to be committed to equal opportunity and courageous to report and abuse if it has any evidence.
The role of nurses is to identify the patient, health care needs, and to be able to identify the nursing interventions required for the patient (Strauss et al 1984).The nursing process offers a systemic approach to planning and delivering nursing care, and their four main stages of the nursing process which are assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation (Yura et al 1978). Also Lefevre et al (2002) emphasized that; the healthcare professions should focus on patient outcomes and the goals that are to be achieved by the patient, and when ...

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...r the department of health has begged pay rise to NHS staff(2013) and introduces schemes example housing and car schemes for the them to work with community to promote best use of health living and effective communication and coordination care
This essay has shown how effective assessments of needs are important in that it will enable nurses to ensure services are appropriate and provide sensitive services to the needs of patients. It also shows how the assessment should focus positively on what individuals can and cannot do and could be expected to achieve and should also take account of the wishes of individuals. The principle of do no harm is the best base of medical and health practice and in 1854 Florence practice the reduction of infection control. Furthermore, there should be regular trainings to staff on how to handle the sick .
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