Flexible Work Week Case Study

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Introduction As the world today is changing, the dynamics of the workplace is also changing. Trends that was once seen 50 years ago are now dying down as millennials are entering the workplace. The idea of cubicles in the workplace are changing to include collaboration space for employees to focus more on teamwork over individual performance. The use of technology at work has changed the idea of how work gets done by using many automated services, but also giving employees the opportunity to telecommute or work from home. Many companies are doing away with formal business attire and relying more on business casual or just casual appropriate dress for the workplace (Davis, 2017). Organizations are becoming more aware of health and wellness initiatives…show more content…
This is a great initiative for employees, as they can use PTO days when they really need to such as taking care of a sick child or even family vacation (Heathfield, 2016). o Employers can encourage employees to take PTO by not allowing the days to roll over into the next calendar year (Heathfield,…show more content…
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