Fletcher Building Company Case Study

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Introduction of Fletcher Building Company
Fletcher’s history began in 1909 with the construction of a timber weatherboard house in Dunedin, New Zealand. In 2001, it was listed as Fletcher building limited on the New Zealand stock exchange. The headquarter of Fletcher building is located in Penrose Auckland, New Zealand. They are mainly based on construction work. For example, Fletcher building is one of the biggest New Zealand construction company. They have 18,800 employees working for their different sites. They have some future plans such as to expand their business worldwide with innovation. Their future plan is to make 191 new houses in Christchurch. They are also doing reconstruction work in Canterbury and other regions of New Zealand.
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Main competitors of Fletcher are CSR limited, Boral limited etc.
Technology Fletchers always bring new technology into developing market so they can rise their standard of work. They mostly bring new technology from countries like UK, USA etc. They have well educated engineers who help the whole company with new technology.
Supplier Markets There are so many supplier markets in this world but Crane Copper tube (Australia) is one of the biggest supplier of refrigeration, air conditioning and plumbing in New Zealand and Australia. They also supply the products and system of the water like pipelines.
Labour Markets Labour market is one of the biggest problems to hire new staff members because Fletchers need skilled and well educated staff son they can compete in growing market with innovative staff.

The Economy As compared to other countries New Zealand economy is stronger but Fletchers not taking it serious as they do not bothering about small projects. At the same time other migrant people dominating their work in future while doing small projects because of good economy Fletchers taking benefit from New Zealand and that will help them to expand their business in
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Since 1909 Fletcher had good vision throughout the New Zealand for a biggest and famous construction company. Their strategic plans always about customers that how they going to make them faithful and happy on their work with new technology. The mission statement of the Fletcher building is zero harm to their employees and their work environment by reducing injury rates by 30% per year.
Plans used for operational planning- Fletcher building is always concentrate on promotion and invests on big projects so they can get name and fam. They invest in direct marketing communication. They are going to maximize their share in NZ market. They are also trying to improve their margin of their products with the help of price trading discipline.

Action to consider by you on the plans for Fletcher building- As you all know now a day’s prices of houses all gone up so there is no organization ready to give houses at moderate costs. Because that is essential for them because if they are not doing to moderate their rates of houses then in future if someone come to the fame that there is difficult to stand on their brand.

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