Flaws In Society Article Analysis

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“Societies Flaws” In the article written by Schaefer he points out the many flaws in society that most people do not think about and some are ones that are commonly known within society. The overall topic of the article was mainly social inequality which is when members of society are not treated the same because of the amount of money, power and the sex they are. This article was good to read and I believe that most college students should be reading things of this nature. Articles such as this one exposes the youth to the real world one they often do not know about or see. When coming into college most people think they know everything and that they have a little more to learn about the world but are pretty well informed. But in fact we are…show more content…
Society has made us identify what type of American we are. I believe I am more aware of things such as social inequality, social class and the correlation between education and social class. Because being in my community the “black” community we have been taught the higher the education the better your social class. My parents and grandparents have constantly reminded me that education is important and the key to success and achieving a better life. Which is one topic in the article where Schaefer points out the independent and dependent variables. The independent variable being the level of education and the dependent variable being the level of income. From seeing this diagram in the article it correlates with what I have been taught to think my entire life. The amount of money you make depends on how educated you are. So my parents have always taught me to go to school because they believe that money is the key to a successful or comfortable life. This has been the lesson I have been taught by my parents but I always question. They say “Money can’t buy happiness” but then say in order to
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