Flat Irons

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Many women have the desire to obtain long straight flowing hair. How do we make this happen? With the help of a flat iron, a heated flexible device used for straightening and styling hair. Women get tired of their curly, frizzy hair but since women have found out that the hair they are born with isn’t what they are destined with, the doors opened to a new beauty. In 1872, Erica Feldman used heat rods to straighten her hair. In 1909, Isaac K. Shero patented a hair straightener which was composed of two “flat irons” that are heated and pressed together. Technically this was the first flat iron, but of course with technology it’s the need of making objects better to adapt to today’s lifestyle. Flat irons today can be mostly credited to the Scottish Jennifer Bell Schofield who combined two plated heated iron in 1912.
Flat irons are used now to give people the look they would like. Flat irons have the ability to basically style your hair in any way that you would like. They are used to give celebrities that glamorous look, they are used to style the pretty hairstyles that you see in weddings. Flat irons can turn a bad hair day into a stylish hair day, and feed you with a great look creating great energy. Flat irons do something to your hair, mood, and confidence that you never would have thought a little heat could do.
Here I have the Velocity CHI petite smoothing ceramic hairstyling iron. They are made in P.C.R. I found these at Target for $34.99 which is an excellent price for a good quality that normally is $70.00 and above. This is something that nobody should pass up. I’d never seen these flat irons on sale before and to find them at Target is very surprising. The two one and a half inch green smooth plates on this flat iron a...

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...own tremendously because it not only locks in the moisture but it keeps my hair looking flawless so that after one use I don’t have to use them but at the most once a week.
I am glad for the invention of flat irons and I am glad for technology to make the invention even better which gives you a better fabulous look. The invention of the flat irons are what help women feel good about themselves. This invention helps females catch even more attention and brings more to the woman attitude. I’m glad I found these particular flat irons because for the price of $34.99 the quality is outstanding and do something for my hair that no flat iron has ever done. I would recommend these flat irons to everyone. Not only are there the kind that I have but this brand makes a variety of different kinds that would fit your hair and the hairstyles that you would want to achieve.
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