Flannery OConnors "Good Country People"

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In Flannery O'Connor's short story "Good Country People," Hulga is a woman who lives with her mother, Mrs. Hopewell, and has an artificial leg. Mrs. Freeman is a lady who was hired by Mrs. Hopewell to work around her property. A theme that seems to recurr in "Good Country People" is lying that becomes harsher each time. Mrs. Freeman works on tricking Mrs. Hopewell into leaving Hulga alone. She is constantly telling Mrs. Hopewell about each of her daughters and always gossiping. Perhaps she occupies Mrs. Hopewell because she does like her company. On the other hand, Mrs. Freeman could have felt sorry for Hulga and tried to get and keep Mrs. Hopewell's attention so that Hulga could have a temporary reprieve fro...

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