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Flange joint is one of the methods of pipe joints. Pipe flanges are used at places where piping, instruments, valves, equipment etc. are required to be dismantle for maintenance. Flange joint is an assembly of three different components: Flanges, Gaskets & Bolting brought together in a proper method by some external source. Special measures shall be considered in selection and application of each component of the joint to achieve acceptable leak tightness. The flanges are normally made of forging only in few cases it can be fabricated from plates.
The most used flange types in Petro and chemical industry are:
1. Welding Neck Flange
2. Slip On Flange
3. Socket Weld Flange
4. Lap Joint Flange
5. Threaded Flange
6. Blind Flange
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Except the flanges, which are mentioned above, there are still a number of special flanges such as:
1. Orifice Flanges
2. Spectacle Blinds (part of flange connection)
3. Spades and Ring Spacers (part of flange connection)
4. Long Welding Neck Flanges
5. Weldo-flange / Nipo-flange
6. Expander Flange
7. Reducing
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The connection with the pipe is done with 2 fillet welds, at the outside and at the inside of the flange. This space is necessary, to not to damage the flange face, during the welding process. A disadvantage of the flange is, that always first a pipe must be welded and then just a fitting. A combination of flange and elbow or flange and tee is not possible.
Socket Weld FLANGE
Socket Weld flanges were firstly developed for use on small-size high pressure piping. Their static strength is equal to Slip On flanges, but their fatigue strength 50% more than double-welded Slip On flanges. The connection with the pipe is done with only 1 fillet weld, at the outside of the flange. But before welding, a space must be created between flange or fitting and pipe. The purpose for the bottoming clearance in a socket weld is usually to minimise the residual stress at the root of the weld that could occur during solidification of the weld metal. The disadvantage of this flange is the gap, that must be made. By corrosive products, and mainly in stainless steel pipe systems, the crack between pipe and flange can have corrosion

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