Flag Burning Essay

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Everyone knows our country was founded by the interpretation and message of two documents: The Declaration of Independence and The United States Constitution. The Declaration of Independence addressed the British that colonists and all people under the British control were guaranteed “certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness”. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land should be maintained to keep these unalienable rights self evident. A country of any kind with a constitution such as ours should not make the mistake that British made. The country chooses a national symbol for those to unite upon to avoid a tyrannical rule. A symbol that the found fathers then thought was important…show more content…
When a government is upholding the right to liberty, given in the Constitution and promised in the Declaration, citizens have a right to protest o change. Protest is necessary for Flag Burning is seen as a heinous act and many seen it as an act of disrespect. Disrespectful for the men and women who make the sacrifice and sometimes , if necessary, the ultimate sacrifice. Many want the constitution to protect the flag from any discrimination to protect the ones who have fallen. If the government is to mandate protection of flag, criminalizing any nature of disfiguration of the flag, it will be trampling on civil liberties as we know. The Flag stands for freedom and the freedom is imposed is for it to be burned when strictures against liberty and democracy is shown by the government. The questions for americans ponder: Is burning the flag necessary? Should it be illegal just because I do not like. Many believe that flag burning does not fit within “typical”american ideals. Last time I checked ,we do not share the same values as one another most of the time. We still consider to have typical american values with one…show more content…
The Flag Desecration amendment went for back law enforced during the Vietnam Era. For 20 years, the lower court upheld the act and the Supreme Court denied previous attempt to call desecration of the flag a violation of the 1st amendment. The Supreme Court has decide upon what the 1st amendment relates to amendment. Three PArticular cases to look upon. Street vs New York (1969), Texas vs Johnson(1989), and U.S Eichmann(1990). The Supreme interprets the constitution, which is a main argument against the
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