Five Strategies Of The Five Products Of Coca-Cola And Coca Cola

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The five products we have selected are as follows:
1. Marlboro lights (International)
2. Extra sugar free pepper mint
3. Lays chips
4. Coca Cola
5. Caltex Petrol Pump

Marlboro lights
• I have been smoking Marlboro lights International for about 4 years and it’s quite light as compare to other cigarettes. Due to the sensitivity of my throat, I smoke Marlboro. In between I switched to Dunhill Lights International but it didn’t suit me.
• The quantity of tar is very less as compare to Dunhill lights but on the negative side it include 1mg nicotine in it.
• As being a loyal customer, I am very much satisfied because of its smoothness and fresh aroma of tobacco.
• As discussed before I tried to switch to other brands but it didn’t suits me at all. So as long as I am smoking I will continue Marlboro Lights as my cigarette brand.

Coca Cola
Pepsi as compare to Coca Cola is sweeter and that’s the only reason I purchase Coca Cola over Pepsi. It gives a sensational taste with Marlboro lights.
• As it include caffeine which helps me to stay awake for some longer time but negative aspect is that it gets very addictive from time to time.
• A chilled Coca Cola in hot summers always gives a level of satisfaction. It is very refreshing and does give a sensation of happiness in hot weather.
• Definitely I have my full intention to pursue this product because of it taste and less sugar content as compare to Pepsi.

Subliminal Messages
The concept:
Subliminal messages are said to be hidden text, photos, and lines, messages within the media we see and hear. (Mostly seen and rather said to be in TV shows, movies and music). Subliminal messages triggers the subconscious mind whenever you see or hear certain and at last enhance...

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