Five Solae

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Five Solae
“At a deeper psychological level, the reformers' ideas of salvation introduced a major change in the way people saw their world. They could no longer free themselves from sin through magical rituals. Instead, they had to be active in adopting a new lifestyle, based on private prayer, worship, study, and individual ethical choice. This was difficult for many to do.” Not only was the Protestant Reformation a crucial time in the history of Europe, but also in the history of the entire world. The Protestant Reformation marked a massive alteration of religion. New religious ideas flourished during the Reformation, thus, challenging the beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church.
A storm of question began to emerge against the Roman Catholic Church because its emphasis on secular activities over the spiritual welfare of its members. Where indulgences meant to be sold? Should the supposed humble and Godly high officials of the church be living such luxurious and scandalous life-styles? Many bold religious reformers were involved in the Reformation including Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Owen, and more. Yet, while the Roman Catholic Church was incorrectly selling indulgences, a group of men were creating the Five Solae enhancing the Protestant Reformation.
The Protestant Reformation began when Martin Luther had a moment of pure realization in his years of monastery. He studied dozens of manuscripts of religious thoughts and came to an astonishing conclusion. This conclusion was composed formally as the 95 Theses on the same day he witnessed the catastrophe of selling indulgences from the Catholic Church on October 31, 1567. It was nailed on the majority of German churches. Then, the thesis spread like wild fire through out the ...

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...The people of the world are called upon to obtain salvation through faith by grace, boost Jesus Christ, emphasize Scripture, and lastly live for the glory of God- the Five Solae.

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