Five Reflections

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I did have some prior notions before researching about the country of Peru. I thought that the country has much less instabilities internally and externally. Looking at the statistics, the country had more problems than I thought. There were more problems in the country that we did not address because it had nothing to do with environmental problems. For example, it was interesting to find out that Peru was one of the biggest drug traffickers in the world and traffickers are still expanding their efforts. In addition, the country still has an insurgence group that is still active in the south part of Peru, called Shining Path. It is a Chines communist group that threatens the stability of the country now and throughout history. I did not know that there is an external frictions that the country is facing, such as the maritime border dispute between Chile and Peru. I do not hear much problems being brought up about the country in the news, which made me think that it did not have too many external threats. Chile is building up their military force and Peru is threatening by it because it is though that the buildup is directed towards Peru. Internal and external threats are one of the biggest problems in Peru and it is important to address those situations in addition to the environmental factors. Other than the lack of knowledge about the country, I did not have any notions about Peru prior to the research. Team Peru worked out the meetings with each other by talking before class and scheduling an appropriate time. Factors such as work, other classes, and sometimes family needed to be taken into consideration at all times. Scheduling was not difficult and did not take up much effort and any mental power. Overall, our commun... ... middle of paper ... ...ited to, drug trafficking, illegal mining groups, human trafficking, slave labor, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and communist insurgence groups. I know that we cannot address every problem due to limited time, but our research options were very limited and could be expanded. Some of these problems are much more important to address than the once research in class. The class name should be Human Needs and Environmental Problems. Other than that I like my teammates and the way we addressed every problem with ease. The only thing that should be addressed, is the time management during class and during our team meetings. Sometime we talked about aspects that had nothing to with the class or the group meetings sometimes took longer than was necessary. The jokes use up too much of the precious limited time, even though it is necessary to have a laugh occasionally.
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