Five Pillars Of Self Discipline

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- Strong Communication skills 2- Time management 3- self discipline 4- Patience 5- Self reliance  Why I think these five traits are important ? 1- Strong Communication skills Communication skills are essential for the successful career in futuer . This trait important, because the presentations and speeches and group discussion are a part of school curriculum . . It is also important to develop communication skills in relationships 2- Time management . Managing your time is a key element in successful study Time management is important for your personal life and career success. It teaches you how to manage your time effectively and make the most of it . Time management helps you make conscious choices, so you can spend more of your…show more content…
Self discipline allows you to stay focused on your goals . you have the ability to force yourself to make the necessary choices . Examples : 1) should I go out for dinner with my friends or should I study . 2) You must have the discipline to keep your mind focused while listening to a lecture at 8 AM . 3) the ability to create and follow a schedule and the ability to prioritize important tasks . 4) Adjust yourself to studying for a long time . 4- Patience Medical students often find themselves needing to exhibit a great deal of patience while study and working with patients and their families . Being patient is a necessity to a life of achievement because it is the nature of things and the law of time that you cannot immediately . With patience you can avoid making hasty decisions . You need time to achieve goals, especially big goals, and this requires patience. If you are too impatient, desiring to have immediate results, you might be disappointed and quit your goal . Most trees need years to grow and become big trees . 5- Self…show more content…
I will explain what i have done to change in detail on the transtheoretical model stages of change . The stages of the model are :  precontemplation Stage .  contemplation Stage .  prepration stage.  action Stage .  maintenance Stage .  Relapse stage .  precontemplaion stage : I think the problem is not because of me , And that your management of time was good and you do not need to change . And my grades were bad because of the university system is difficult and long tables . I am convinced that I am in the right way .  contemplation stage : I became feel dissatisfaction from my grades and my tabular daily bad and short , I do not fulfill my duties and family-I communicate with my friends . And became think too much and looking for the problem , I compare my grades and with friends in college . And is satisfied that my problems are all due to poor time management .  prepration stage : After that I knew my problem, a bad time management , I started looking for the best ways to help improve this problem . I became read the books I communicate with medical students in other colleges and see some of the experiences and advice , I discussed with friends and try to take the ideas of them help me Improving

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