Five Categories Of Human Rights

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Human rights belong to all people, worldwide. All individuals, regardless of culture, gender, or race, possess certain rights that cannot be taken from them. “It links all members of the human race in a chain of rights and responsibilities that have implications for law, justice, and morality” (Human Rights 1). This means all people are entitled to human rights, and these rights cannot simply be taken away. The “universal” meaning of a human right means that all people have rights in every region of the world. Human rights do not just go away because people are born in a different part of the world because they are still part of the human race. The “indivisible” aspect of human rights means that all rights matter; people cannot “pick and choose”…show more content…
The first of the categories are the rights to security from death, physical assault, and physical abuse. These rights are intended to protect people from physical mistreatment and are “a kind of moral bedrock” (Barcalow Rights 157). People should not want to bring harm to others, and people do not want to be hurt. People have the right to be protected from harm. However, in order to ensure protection, all individuals, including government officials, must be kept in line. No people have permission to physically harm another individual because that would violate the individual’s right. Status does not grant people the ability to bring harm upon or torture others either. One right included in this section of rights includes the right not to be subject to torture or to cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment (Barcalow Rights 157). This means that every person has the right not to be mistreated. It is not just to harm another individual. No person should have to suffer through being tortured or mistreated, so people are granted the right not to…show more content…
These rights are intended to ensure the government is based on the people’s decisions, and they are not ignored in government decisions (Barcalow Rights 158). People live in the country, so their opinions should be heard by the authority figures. Government officials cannot dictate every decision made, so that is why people vote. Every person’s voice could not be heard, so certain people are elected to be the voice. The decisions elected officials make should be based off what the people want rather than what they want personally. The main right of this section is the right to take part in the government of his country, directly or through freely chosen representatives (Barcalow Rights 158). This right is saying that all people have the right to be heard, either through their own voice or through an elected official. The people are living in the country, so they have a say in how it is run or what happens throughout

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