Fitting In

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Fitting In
In high school fitting in can be tough. What if some children decided they would rather fly under the radar instead of trying to join a group? Being in the “in” crowd at school has its ups and downs. On one hand you are considered “popular” by your peers, however, you may feel obligated to help others who need friends. Acceptance plays a large role in the lives of daily high schoolers and can help “loners” feel more welcome. Say you have never had many friends, and you have never belonged to a social group of any kind. Would you admit it? Or would you say that you like to be on your own? There are people who will answer yes to both questions; however, the real question is who is telling the truth?
Some teenagers say they do not want to belong to a social group, but in reality they do not have one. This happens frequently in adolescent lives. Some teenagers are in denial about not “fitting in” or not being what they consider “popular”. It appears that teenagers with few friends automatically pretend like that is how they want it to be. High school is a tough enough time with growing up, that the last thing anyone wants to admit is that they do not have any friends. They do not want to embarrass themselves. Personally I have seen many kids who claim to be the most comfortable and happy when they are alone. In reality it seems they do not have many friends, so they build themselves up to be someone who does not care what others think. As it says in Lord of the Flies, “The mask was a thing on it's own, behind which Jack hid, liberated from shame and self-consciousness,” (Golding). The children who lie about not wanting to be noticed or not wanting friends are hiding behind the same mask. They make it as a form of protect...

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...y are judged by others so terribly that they feel as though there is not a sliver of acceptance left for anyone. This can be changed, students who have a lot of friends need to help those who do not. All they have to do is be accepting. If some “loner” child is accepted at school, it may give them the confidence to go out and make their own friends.
Fitting in is difficult, but is it not what we all want? We want to be accepted, even if we try to pretend that flying under the radar seems to be more safe. The “in” crowd at school can have responsibilities so that others feel welcomed. A mean girl can tear down your self esteem, but she is not so horrible that someone could never make friends because of her. In the end we all want friends, no matter what class in society or what social status they hold in high school. The main idea is to belong somewhere, to fit in. 
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