Fitbit And Brand Identity

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Shape and size. The shape and size of the packaging should correspond with the shape and size of the product within. Fitbit utilizes a clean, clear plastic rectangular package to carry its products. The package contains inserts to hold the product in place. This creates a display for consumers inviting them to peer in and see the product while also reading about its features below. It can be compared to a museum exhibit that puts a work of art on display while explaining the showpiece below in a quick and easy-to-read guide. Brand identity. Packaging can aid in brand identity formation. Brand identity can be created through the use of a consistent logo, font type, colors, and packaging (Petkus, Budeva, Chung, & Dzhogleva, 2011). When creating a packaging design, applying these aesthetic concepts can create a brand image for Fitbit, which creates familiarity with the brand, its products, and consumer expectations. Fitbit…show more content…
This creates a quick-guide on the front of the package with the branding and label and a short description to describe the features of a particular product. Clear package labeling is important for product marketing. Labeling should be clear, efficient, and should support the brand’s identity.
There are various legal standards that must be followed by Fitbit in the labeling of products. Fitbit makes sure that it notifies its consumers that Fitbits should not replace medical devices and that the information provided by its products does not hold any medical standing as well as to use common sense while using the Fitbit products (Terms of Service, 2015). This labeling is important because without notifying its users of these terms, Fitbit could be held liable for any health risks that users experience by relying on Fitbit products.

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