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Only thirty percent of the world is covered in land. The other seventy percent is composed of the ocean(Cain). Now ask yourself what would happen to life itself if that seventy percent had completely withered? When and if this happens what will happen to the cost of purchasing fish and other goods from the sea? They will rise steadily. Not only that the cost of transporting goods will also go up because of the impact on the ocean. Due to Intense commercial fishing there have been several negative effects on the ocean such as; bottom trawling , killing non-target species of fish, and destruction of habitats.
Trawling is a method of fishing that a lot of commercial fisheries use and have used for hundreds of years (Agardy). This method of fishing is when done properly uses a large net ( composed of mostly metal materials ) and dragging that net across the bottom of the sea floor to catch fish. Tundi agardy writes in an article mentioning that in 1376 a british parliament had petitioned by fishery concerns by damaging the sea bottom with trawling boats (Agardy 1). Agardy states that as early as the 14th century fishery concerns of destroying the ecosystem and killing non-target species was

high.(Agardy 1) As the years have gone on there have been much development in making this method more effective thus resulting in much more concern brought by this fishing and should be stopped or have much more strict regulations.
The most direct effect from trawl fishing is scraping of the seafloor which causes destruction of plants and other non-living things that live on the seafloor(Agardy). This also limits the potential food for other plant dwelling under water creatures. Cornella Dean came a...

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