Fishing with Daddy

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Pg. 1- Marina loved to do everything with her Dad. Where ever he went Marina wanted to go too. If he went to the store she wanted to go with him, in the winter when he was shoveling snow Marina would be right behind him with her little blue shovel being just like Daddy.

Pg. 2- One day Marina’s Dad asked her what her favourite season was. Now Marina’s answer to her Dad’s question is not what you would have expected. Marina’s favourite season is not fall, spring or summer and it was especially not winter, she hated winter the most. “My favorite seasons are the fishing season and hockey season” exclaimed Marina excitedly.

Pg.3 - “ I’m glad to hear that because fishing season starts tomorrow so you best be getting a good nights sleep” explained her Dad. That night Marina went to bed extra early so that she would be wide awake in the morning.

Pg. 4 - Really early the next morning Marina’s Dad went into her room to wake her up but to his surprise Marina was already awake searching through her drawers and closet for the perfect outfit for her to go fishing with her Daddy in.

Pg. 5- While Marina was still searching and getting ready her Dad was outside in front of the house hooking the boat up to the van and getting all the fishing equipment ready to go. He needed to pack the emergency kit, the tackle boxes, paddles, fishing poles, and he could not forget to pack LUNCH!

Pg. 6- When Marina was Finally all dressed and ready to go she went outside and jumped in the van. From the back of the boat, she could hear her Dad yell Don’t forget to buckle up, you need to be safe”.

Pg.7- Once her dad had everything packed into the boat, he got into the front seat of the van and buckled up himself. Start it! Start it! Marina exclaimed and ...

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...all off , before long the lake was behind them and they were on their way home. Marina’s did not see all the sights on the way home, that she had on the way up. Being out in the sun all day tired her out and she was fast asleep in the van.

Pg.23- When the got home her Dad woke he up and she slowly walked into the house. She told her Mom all about her fishing trip with her Daddy while they had some dinner and after she was finished she got ready for bed. She put on her sailor moon pajamas, washed her face, and brushed her teeth. The last thing Marina did before going to bed was hug and kiss her parents goodnight.

Pg.24- After she was already she jumped into bed and went fast asleep. That night all Marina could dream about was being on the water and her day fishing with her Dad . When she would wake Marina would get to go fishing with her Daddy all over again.
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