First impressions of Tom Buchanan from the great Gatsby.

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First impressions of Tom Buchanan from the great Gatsby. Tom Buchanan is a very rich man who is married to Nick Caraway’s cousin Daisy. The first thing we learn about Tom is that he is very rich. “For instance he’d bought down a sting of polo ponies from Lake Forest. It was hard to believe that a man in my own generation was wealthy enough to do that.” “His family were enormously wealthy- even in college his freedom with money was a matter for reproach.” Also we know that he was a friend of Nicks while they were at New Haven College together. We also learn that he must be quite good at sport as “among various physical accomplishments had been one of the most powerful ends that had ever played football at New Haven.” Tom and Daisy had moved around the world quite a lot and had lived in Chicago and France. “They drifted here and there un-restfully where-ever people were rich and played polo together. Tom is obviously very into his polo. Daisy has however told Nick that this move will be a permanent one. These are what the author knows or remembers of Tom and this is without even the readers meeting him yet so we can tell that Tom will be one of the main characters in this book. When the reader is first introduced to Tom Nick goes to his house for supper. The first sense of him is quite a gruff man. “His speaking voice, a gruff husky tenor, added to the impression of fractiousness he conveyed.” He is also a big man but not in a nice way. “You could see a great pack of muscle shifting when his shoulder moved under his thin coat. It was a body of enormous leverage a cruel body. Some big men look quite nice, like a bear. Tom evidently doesn’t. Even Tom’s wife Daisy says that he is big in a bad way. “That’s w... ... middle of paper ... ...ould ever get before. They all then go on to a party and it is not long before something bad happens. Tom breaks Myrtles nose. “Daisy, Daisy, Daisy, shouted Mrs Wilson, I’ll say it whenever I want to. Daisy, Dai. Making a short deft movement Tom Buchanan broke her nose with his open hand. This proves that Tom is not very nice and obviously has very little patience before resorting to violence. I think that Tom is going to be very important later on in the story and I believe that he will do something that he is going to regret or be punished for. In other words he will be the bad guy. Even his wife seems to think that he is not a very nice person. Even the way he is described gives off something ominous about him. I think that he will kill someone or he will be something to do the thing that was the foul dust that floated in the wake of Gatsby’s dreams.

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