First Nations Conflict with the Europeans due to the over hunting of Beavers during the Fur Trade

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I believe that The First Nations did, in fact, have conflict with the Europeans due to the over hunting of animals, specifically beavers. In this position paper, I will explain my viewpoint through three contentions relating to the resolution at hand. First, the First Nations spirituality with animals, then the proof of actual over hunting, and lastly, the European and First Nation visible animosity. Furthermore, I will now delve into my first contention.

The First Nations have a special connection with nature and animals. Since the beginning of their civilization the First Nations as a whole have respected, and protected nature with an unparalleled love for it. The Natural world was always co-existed with and used from only to quell needs, not wants. [1] As you can imagine, this might have caused problems when the Europeans came to North America and started to deplete all of the resources that the Aboriginals protected. Take example of the mass slaughter of bison on the Great Plains throughout the 1850’s. But, this was prior to the climax of the Fur Trade. The Europeans brought with them Guns, Alcohol and other tools that disrupted the First Nation’s natural life of hunting and fishing for only what they needed. Dependencies on alcohol started a chain of negative events for the First Nations as a whole. [2] As well as disrupting their lifestyle; the Europeans depleted the resources that the First Nations depended on most for survival. Not to mention, removing animals vital to a successful ecosystem and of spiritual importance from the area, causing European and First Nation conflict. [3]

Over Hunting during the Fur Trade is evident, and resulted in the near extinction of some animals popular for furs, such as Beaver, Mink, O...

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