First Nation or Aboriginal People of Canada

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Canada is a nation of opportunity and freedom. People from all around the world immigrate to Canada to start a new life, to get away from war or poverty. Canada opens their arms to them and accepts them, and gives them money to get them started. But how about those who were here from the very beginning, before anyone else landed in Canada; the ones that are called First Nation people, or Aboriginals? What is the government doing for them? Why are First Nations people suffering the worst in Canada? “55.6% of the poor are aboriginals and a lot of them live in reserves around Canada that Canadian government have put them in. For those who leave the reserves to get a better living the suffer from racism from Canadian society” (“Aboriginal”). This essay will argue that aboriginals are treated unethically from a catholic perspective through the ways the British invaded their land, also how the government presently treats them. Finally, this essay will acknowledge the discrimination that the society puts upon the aboriginals.
Before the British arrived to Canada, the aboriginals were settled on Canadian soil and different groups were found in different regions. “They were hunters, farmers and gathers, fished when near water or hunted animals like the buffalo” (“Discovery”). When the European settlers arrived, the aboriginal’s lifestyle changed dramatically. “One way their lifestyle changed was when they had to deal with European diseases. It killed a large portion of the aboriginals because they were not immune to it” (“Discovery”). “As the population of the Europeans grew the demand for land increased. They began to enter the territory of the aboriginal people removing them of their land and limiting them of their resources and food...

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